Improvisation / Experimental music / Sound art
“Ainara LeGardon fills the stage the way the Sun fills the sky. Her mere presence is enough to mark a before and after.”

(Wade Matthews)

Ainara LeGardon is prolific in the world of improvisation, experimental music and sound art, performing solo and as part of myriad collectives.

Her creative process focuses on interacting with the history and acoustic characteristics of the spaces where she performs. In this site-specific approach to free improvisation, Ainara uses only her voice and a limited number of technical resources: an analogue tape delay and a variety of microphones and contact pick-ups on her body that are connected to speakers she carries with her. These elements and textures allow her to build an organic and ever-changing dialogue in real time.

Archipiel, her vocal duo with Álvaro Barriuso, looks into the field of phonetic and visual poetry and into the use of creative strategies as a game: the simultaneity of independent proposals, the use of noise and silence as boundaries and raw materials of the musical discourse and conducting using a shared code of gestures.

As part of Colectivo maDam she explores collective musical improvisation, with an interest in listening as an active element. This has led the collective to tackling the work of authors who primarily reflect on indeterminacy and the relationships between group and individual such as Radu Malfatti, Michael Pisaro or John Cage, among others.

With artists such as Naiel Ibarrola or Ged Barry (and his project La Criatura), Ainara has delved into the creative possibilities afforded by graphical and instruction-based scores.

As part of Orquesta FOCO, founded in 1996 and the oldest improvisation orchestra still active in Europe, she has worked under the direction of Fred Frith, Josep María Balanyà, Agustí Fernández, Chefa Alonso, Maggie Nicols and Terry Day.

Ainara is also an active member of several cultural societies focusing on the dissemination of improvised music and contemporary art.

In 2015, she took part in an artistic residency between the two European cultural capital cities of 2016: Wroclaw (Poland) and Donostia (Basque Country). For this, she devised “El deseo como cemento” [«Desire as cement»], a project linking both cities through sound. She has also been chosen to devise an installation together with media artist Jaime de los Ríos at Museum Cemento Rezola (Donostia) in 2016.