Self-management / Intellectual Property / Creativity courses

Ainara LeGardon boils down the experiences of her 20-year musical career into her workshops, conveying the knowledge she has gathered on the different tools and options available to artists managing their own project: legal and technical procedures, notions on Intellectual Property, rights and the management thereof, promotion and dissemination, tips on how to foster and drive creativity and motivation, etc.

More importantly, by voicing their own doubts and reflections, participants can think again about their own objectives and the means to achieving them. Workshops become a collective exercise in considering and reflecting on the concept of the work we carry out, our ethics and aesthetic. What is our position as creators, artists and citizens? What do the commitment and responsibility that we take on when we create something and make it available to others, entail? And what are the reasons behind doing things a certain way and not another?

Thinking through the music. Thinking through the art. Creating dialogue, debate and reflection while obtaining the information necessary to stay in control of our own choices, whichever they may be, aware of the consequences thereof.

More than 300 students have attended the workshop in the past years. They share their concerns, questions and anecdotes in a group created on a well-known social network at the initiative of the participants. Hence, a growing community has been generated (bringing together musicians of every kind, professional arrangers, composers, sound engineers, designers, journalists, arts managers, lawyers, audiovisual producers, photographers, etc.) where advice is given and requested, information and news regarding self-management is shared and other topics of interest are disseminated.

Such great response to the workshop has given way to a series of Advanced Level workshops, delving deeper into the syllabus by expanding its contents.

Published in November 2014, her study «Otro modelo es posible» (“Another model is posible”) is a reflection on Intellectual Property rights’ management in the sphere of music, assessing the need for a paradigm shift and the feasibility thereof.